We arrived in Dawson Springs today. After checking in to a hotel, we went over to my parents and visited for a bit. Then we went to Va’s dad’s house and visited him some too. His step daughter has a new baby that he is just crazy about. I guess all of my kids were fairly well taken by her too, as this photo so evidently indicates:

My kids gooshing over a baby

My kids gooshing over a baby

Penny was afraid of the baby, but I guess that’s a good thing.

We stopped at a mall in Crossville TN on the way here. We do that pretty much every time we drive by it. Va went shopping (which is why we stopped), and I addressed a problem we developed with our roof bag. It is apparently not waterproof. It is also apparently not water resistant either. I had about 10 pounds of dog food in there, plus four gallons or so of water. The water soaked through the bag and dissolved it. So the dog food was loose and soaking up the water. And let me tell you, when that stuff gets wet and sits in a roof bag in the sun… it stinks like carrion.

So while Va was shopping, I hauled the bag off the roof, removed the dog crate, pillow, and various dog toys. Then I emptied out the stinky dog food into a ditch. There is a little pond across the road from the mall, so I took the bag there and rinsed it out as best I could. Then I took the dog crate and gave it the same treatment. All as well after that, except that the roof bag is now known to not be water tight. Dunno what to do about that other than not put things in it that I need to stay dry.