Yesterday we went for a hike at my old stomping grounds – the Manassas Battlefield. When we lived in Manassas, I took the boys hiking there probably 20 times per year, all seasons. Things have changed there for the better I would say. Back then, you would hardly ever see a park ranger. Now the place has plenty of them, and they offer guided tours.

We used to go to several places in the park. Deep Cut, Stone Bridge, Chinn Ridge, The Old Post Office, and a few other places whose names now escape me. We went to Stone Bridge first. Then we went to the Old Post Office, which was about our favorite place. The Bull Run flows there, and it’s pretty far off the beaten path. In winter we would cross the ice to the other side. There was a ford there, so even if the ice broke, the water was never more than a foot deep. The boys skipped a lot of stones there.

Then we headed off to Harrisonburg and got a room. In the morning, we hit the Green Valley Book Fair. Then back on the road again.

The rooftop luggage thing is apparently not water tight. It rained pretty much all day, and when we would come to a stop we could hear it slosh forward. Bummer. The only thing in there that was not water resistant was a bag of dog food. Yeah – it got wet.

Now we’re in Knoxville, TN. David, Beth, and I just got out of the pool. Jonathan and I went off in search of a Target earlier. We found one at 9:20pm, but they were already closed. Our mission was to procure a swim suit. Having failed to do that, we came back to the hotel, and he sat this one out.

Tomorrow we will hit the outlet mall in Crossville, TN. Then on to Dawson Springs. I expect we’ll get there in the mid to late afternoon.