Today was the first day of my summer vacation. Instead of going to work, we packed stuff. We cleaned out the trunk. We bought some new clothes.

I am very sad to say that I bought myself some new socks. My felting repairs worked great until the socks were washed. Then the felt would bunch up into a lump making it uncomfortable. Oh well. I still enjoyed that little project.

The car is now mostly loaded. The roof rack is on, and the dog crate is in the roof bag. The DVD player is mounted, wired in, and tested. In the morning I will pack up the laptops, toss the toiletries in the trunk, and we will hop in the car and go to… McDonald’s for breakfast. No need dirtying dishes before we leave.

We plan to swing through Virginia and visit our friends there. Then on Sunday we will set out again for KY. I expect we will arrive there on Monday, but I’m not positive.