You’ve all been dying for the photo, so wait no longer.

Felted Sock Patch, Day Two

Felted Sock Patch, Day Two

Pulling the wool fibers through the sock fabric helped tremendously. The patch stayed in place all day. I did not wear the socks (or shoes) to bed last night, but rather, peeled them off as gently as I could. Then I put them on again in the morning. I do not normally wear a pair of socks for more than one day, but I that was a sacrifice I was willing to make in the name of pioneering sock repair techniques. I have advanced the art. If I were to write a thesis on this, I would get a PhD in sock repair.

While I was at it, I added a few hanks of wool to the other sock. It has some thin spots, but no holes. It would be fair to call this a preemptive sock patch. I used the dull needle trick to pull the wool fibers through the sock fabric to make a better bond, and those reinforcements are now seemingly quite solid. Yes, I have reinforced the veterans. There is no need for humility here – we can just say it. I am now a Master of Sock Repair.

Until I run these through the wash and completely dislodge the patches.