I cancelled Fun Day. I guess that makes me an official kill-joy. Including myself, the Pathfinder Club has six staff. Four had already said they wouldn’t be joining us. With me out, that leaves only one staff member, and that is why I cancelled. Plus the forecast, but that was really secondary.

I went to the doctor today too, because I’ve felt worse everyday since I started noticing symptoms. They seemed rather alarmed when I told them my symptoms and ran a test for H1N1. Negative. But he did say it was a viral problem rather than bacterial, and that really sucks. Bacteria respond to antibiotics. Viruses do not. So all we can do is treat my symptoms.

The upside (if you can call it that) is that now I’m taking double-doses of sudafed, as per the doctor’s orders. He also told me to stay home from work tomorrow, so I guess I will.