I’ve felt about like a train wreck for the past couple of days. Sinuses. Sneezing. Aches. On top of that, I slept wrong the night before last and now my back hurts. Ugh. Maybe I’ve got H1N1. Except that there’s no fever.

Here’s a photo from Beth’s recital last night:

Beth playing at her piano recital

Beth playing at her piano recital

She played two pieces: Fantasy Impromptu (Chopin), and Oh How I Love Jesus. I’m pretty sure she’s playing the latter in this photo. I zoomed in on the hi-res version on my PC – It wasn’t clear enough to read the title, but I can make out the notes, and that’s pretty much the right tune.

Back on Memorial Day, the Pathfinders had a yard sale. One of the things that didn’t sell, and that Goodwill wouldn’t take was a lovely set of hard-case luggage. Joyce took all the leftovers home so that Ken could take it to the dump later. But I posted the luggage on Craigslist. Nothing for two weeks. Then Sunday, someone was interested. I emailed Joyce to see if Ken had been to the dump yet, but he had not. Thus began the correspondence with the Craigslister. Joyce said she’d drop the luggage off at the church. I thought she said she’d do that Monday when her kids had piano practice for the recital, but she may have said she’d do it Tuesday when they came to the recital.

Being the knucklehead I am, I told the Lister that she could see the luggage at the church at lunchtime on Tuesday. Only it wasn’t there. I told her I’d try to find it and we could meet up again tomorrow (today), only this time I’d deliver it to her instead of having her come to me.

Ken brought the luggage to recital, and I lugged it home. Then the Lister called this morning and I told her I had it. We met at lunch and she looked it over. It all went great until she opened it up and was overcome by a massive stench wave. “No thanks!” she said.

I can’t blame her either! So I put the luggage (tightly sealed!) back into my car and went back to work. On the way home I figured out exactly what to do with it. The Northfield recycling center is open on Wednesdays, and they have a swap shop. I ditched the luggage there.

The attendant didn’t check into it or anything. I could have had a couple of quarts of lead paint in there, or some radioactive Bismuth, or fourteen pounds of mercury. So… now I have an alternate method of disposing o hazardous waste? Not!

When I got home, I took a lap around the trail looking for blooms. I saw ONE dewdrop (Dalibarda repens) flower – first one of the season. It wasn’t in great shape at all, but it is a harbinger of things to come. I retraced my steps to where I know another patch of it is growing to look more carefully. I didn’t find anymore dewdrops, but I did find a web full of baby spiders. There must have been 500 of them. Maybe a thousand. I went in and got my big tripod.

Baby Spider Nursery

Baby Spider Nursery

This photo doesn’t capture all of them. If I got back far enough to get them all in the picture, they would have looked like tiny little undefined specks. They still do in this shot, but I can assure you, they are spiders. Dunno what kind, but they were about a sixteenth of an inch across.