Friday was Beth’s last day of school, so I didn’t have to pick anyone up or drop anyone off on the way to work. I managed to sleep 30 minutes later and still get to work at 8:00, so that was pretty OK.

Yesterday I made a pile of rocks in the shape of a wall. I’m working on another 4’x4′ raised bed for the garden. My goal is to eventually have six of those. Dunno where I’m going to get dirt to fill it in with, but it will need about a cubic yard. I’ve got a compost pile going in the woods, so maybe I’ll try to get that cranked up another notch.

If I end up having some loam delivered, I will wait until I have all five of the new beds built. I will use rock on those too, not because it is superior in any way, but because I have plenty of it on hand for free (money, not labor). I do kind of like the way the rock looks too. Maybe by the time I finish building all the beds out of stone, I’ll have some inking of how to lay dry stone. Or not! As I said, right now it’s a pile of rocks in the shape of a wall. Kinda.

I haven’t logged any bloom at the bloom clock in about a week I guess. I’ve been taking pictures like crazy, but I just haven’t had the motivation lately to log them. Looks like a dead project 😦

The columbine put out a new blossom today. I thought it was all done, but today it had one brand new flower on it. Here it is:

Wild Columbine

Wild Columbine