Tonight is crunch night for Pathfinders and Adventurers directors (i.e., me and Va). Tomorrow is Investiture, so tonight we’re putting together all the insignia, certificates, awards, etc. We do this by printing out actual size pictures of the insignia on cardstock, and then staple the patches to that. Pins also get attached. It’s a lot of work, and we have small clubs. I don’t know how large clubs manage it.

I was short a few items too. I dunno what happened to all the swimming patches I had intended to order. Maybe the fell off my shopping cart when I was placing the order online. There are a few other items I forgot to order too, so I need to start a short list.

I took off work early today so I could help clean the house. One of the teen Pathfinders wanted to stay here overnight. His parents won’t be able to attend the Investiture service tomorrow, but he wanted to go to it. This was prolly the best way to do that. Even if it meant a frenzied house cleaning gala.

Plus the daughter of some of our friends got married today. I could have worked right up until the wedding was about to start and then ducked out for that, but that would have meant wearing wedding appropriate attire to work. If I had done that, it would have made everyone think I had a job interview. I guess. So I went home after lunch.

The wedding was nice. They really did a great job decorating the church. I’d describe it, but I’ve already sufficiently compromised my manliness by claiming the Dressmaking honor in Pathfinders. (Last winter I made half a dozen two-piece costumes for Camp-In, and that met all the reqs for the honor.)

I slipped out right after the wedding to pick up the Pathfinder of the Year jacket, which arrive in yesterday’s mail, and which I dropped off to be embroidered this morning. Here’s a shout out to Shirtmasters – they did a great job and turned that jacket around in under a day. (They do the silkscreening for our field uniforms too).

After the wedding, we went to Taco Bell and then I took the kids home (including our guest). Va went to buy some groceries. When I got home I took my usual trip around the property to log blooms. I took plenty of pictures, but I have not yet logged them. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Now I need to spend some time getting ready to teach Sabbath School in the morning and prepare something to say as the devotional thought for the Investiture Service. And I’m pretty tired already…