Today Va picked me up for lunch. The plan was that we’d drop her car off at Jiffy Lube, and then duck in next door to Pizza Hut for lunch while the Well Oiled Machine sprung into action. We’ve been doing this for five years now without a problem. But not today.

First, the girl working the computer refused to make eye contact or even acknowledge my presence. Then she started calling the names of other customers who were there before me. OK, I don’t have a problem waiting my turn, but why hadn’t these people already been dealt with?

Then she went back out to the garage and started disassembling someone’s air filter (or re-assembling it, who knows). So I moseyed on out there and told her that I would really like to drop the car off and go to lunch. She did not seem happy, but she went into the office area and took my information. By then, the car in front of mine had been moved out of the service bay, so it looked like mine was next. Good.

I went to Pizza Hut and had an enjoyable lunch with Va, who by that time was wondering if I had been abducted by aliens or something. We finished eating 30 minutes later. When we came out, we saw that my car was still sitting exactly where it had been when I left it, and there was another car in the bay in front of mine.

Va went into the waiting room, and I hung around outside waiting for an opportunity to talk with computer girl. She was in the back lot talking on a cell phone. I cannot imagine what sort of Jiffy Lube business she was transacting on her cell phone. She continued to avoid eye contact, and then I lost patience. I somehow managed to get her attention and asked if my car had been serviced yet. I got the answer I expected. Then I asked when they thought it would be finished. She turned to one of the mechanics and asked “How long before you can start on this guy’s car.” I corrected her. “I don’t want to know when he’s going to start. I want to know when he will finish.” Then answer was “Fifteen or twenty minutes.”

I then told them that I couldn’t wait that long. Forget it. Give me my car back. So they did, though it was boxed in and required some maneuvering. But that evoked no pity from me. They usually have me in and out in 30 minutes, but it had already been 50 by the time I got my car back. Would have been well over an hour if I had let them continue.

I finally got back to the office after having taken 90 minutes for lunch, so I had to work late to make that up. Grrr. Thanks Jiffy Lube!