I’ve spent a good deal of my time tonight working on my new book, Summer Flowers of Northern New England. I’m a little more than halfway done with the white flowers. Then I have the yellow/orange, red/pink, blue/purple, and green/brown to deal with. There are more white ones than anything else though, so I think it’s fair to say I’m making pretty decent progress. Once it’s finished, I’ll need to convert it to PDF and print it, but that is proving to be an elusive goal. The PDF generator does not have a way for me to force page breaks, and I would really like for each plant to live on its own page. I’ll have to futz around to make that happen.

What I SHOULD be doing is making up a list of all the honors, etc that each Pathfinder will receive this coming Sabbath at Investiture. Then I could email it out to all the staff and have them vet it for me. THEN we can start making up the insignia cards (cardstock with the patches stapled on) and not have to face that mammoth task at the last minute.

Hmmm… maybe I should get busy with that.