Today after breakfast, Beth and I set out to Canterbury to check out “Wood Days” I got a flyer about it at a hardware store in Tilton a month ago, and it really looked like it was something I would enjoy. And it was!

They had scads of old woodworking tools – not just hand tools either. There was a steam engine running there, but it was not quite in full operation. It was running, but the belt that connected it to an overhead crankshaft was purposefully slipped off. That crankshaft would have driven a lathe.

There were I guess half a dozen lathes there. Some were regular electric lathes, but there were two spring pole lathes and at least two treadle lathes. I got to try the two spring poles, as did Beth.

Beth’s favorite part was when we went into a kid’s workshop. They had a treadmill there that had been designed for a dog, and it drove a grain mill. Beth got on it and ran for a bit, grinding about a cup of corn.

Beth grinding corn on a dog-operated treadmill

Beth grinding corn on a dog-operated treadmill

I had never really thought about the term “mill” before, especially as it applies to a treadmill. But my thinking on that now is that this is where the term originates.

She brought her purse with her too, and was dying to spend a little of her money. A lot of the stuff they had for sale was “craftsman-ly” meaning… not inexpensive. She ended up buying a small wooden tractor kit, which was not really craftsmanly at all, but it did seem to sate her need to spend, and it was probably the least costly of all the things they had there.

After that we came on home, and then went to lunch with Va in Tilton. I had to hurry from there to get to the church so I could help clear brush. We’re trying to clear out an area for a new playground. We did some clearing last fall, but it was slow-going. Today there were about twice as many people there with about twice as many chainsaws. I worked that until 4:00 or so, and then needed to high-tail it back home to drop off Beth and fetch the boys for a Pathfinder meeting.

Jonathan was still not finished with some of his school work, so I ended up leaving him at home. David and I set out for the meeting – it was the last one of the year, and it was not all that well attended. The kids worked on getting the last bit of work done for their classes, and then we built a second kite to finish off the Kites honor.

Then I had the kids play a game while the staff met to talk about a few items (Investiture, the fun trip, and Oshkosh). For the fun trip, we will be going to York beach in Maine on Father’s day. I did put the word out about that, and didn’t get too much push back, so we’re going to go for it.

Now I’m pretty tired, so that’s about it from me for tonight.