When I dropped Beth off at school today, the substitute teacher came dashing out to tell me that there was a loud beeping noise coming from the network closet. So I parked my car. I figured it was probably the UPS.

I was right. The sound was a continuous, tone (see post title). The LEDs did not indicate what the problem might be. We had power. The UPS was plugged in. I unplugged it, and the “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” turned into beeps. One second on, one second off, repeat.

Hmmm. I shut stuff down and went to work. First thing I did was research the UPS. Looked like the UPS was overloaded and the equipment was trying to draw too much powr from it. Bummer. I thought for a bit trying to rationalize that, and decided that a rise in temperature could easily cause a rise in current draw. For one thing, the fans will have to work harder. For another, silicon tends to suck more power the hotter it gets. And the more current it draws, the hotter it gets. If left unchecked, a chip can self destruct (this is called thermal runaway). So I called Va and got authorization to buy a second UPS for the school.

At lunch I went to a store, selected an UPS, and then went to the school and installed it. When I came out of the network closet, Camille was there! She had her baby last week and had some errands to run in Concord. It was nice to see her, and we are going to miss her very much. But I think she’s doing exactly the right thing.

Anyhow, with the second UPS in place, everything was all hunky-dory.