Photinia melanocarpa

Photinia melanocarpa

OK, so it wasn’t mountain laurel, and it wasn’t mountain serviceberry either. Mr. Smarty Plants got back to me with a positive ID, and it was (drum roll please)…

Our expert, Joe Marcus, has identified your plant as Photinia melanocarpa (formerly Aronia melanocarpa), Black Chokecherry, a native.

So there you have it, from an expert. Wikipedia has it listed under the “old” name, “Aronia”. Apparently, there has been some controversy as to whether this plant (and others) belong to Aronia or Photinia.

I had some correcting to do. I have one of these growing by the utility pole in the corner of my yard, and I had photographed it and uploaded it to the WIkimedia Commons. I had also logged its blooms, all under the mistaken moniker of Amelanchier bartramiana. I think I’ve got that sorted now though. While I was at it, I also uploaded a hi-res version of the one I posted here.

This afternoon I took a little more time trying to photograph the Orobanche uniflora, but I still couldn’t get it right. There are a couple of problems to overcome. First, it is a white plant, and the petals tend to get overexposed. Second, it’s under a bush, so for me to really see the camera, I needed to lie down on the ground. Third, it was raining, so I opted to not lie down. Fourth, the autofocus tends to not work well when the object doesn’t fill the screen sufficiently, so instead, it focuses on the background. And without lying down and looking at the focus, it’s hard to tell if that’s what it’s doing. I did try some manual focus, and that worked out OK, but I’m still overexposing the petals. I’ll try again tomorrow.