Beth wanted me to wake her up at 6:00am this morning so she could prepare a surprise for Va. But I sure didn’t need to. She was up at 4:00am wanting me to dispatch a spider. I refused and told her to go back to bed (spiders are our friends!). She was back again at 6:00am, wanting help with the surprise.

When I came down, she had swept up a pile of dirt and wanted help getting it in the dustpan. I helped her with that, and then went back to bed. Shortly after that, Va got up and cooked breakfast.

I used to offer to cook breakfast on Mother’s Day, but Va convinced me I shouldn’t, so I don’t anymore. She is an excellent breakfast chef, and prefers to do that herself. OK!

We lazed around the house for a bit after eating. I wanted to go back to bed after having had my rest disturbed, but I stay up. Around noon, I called the Outback and reserved a table for us. So we ate there (Va’s request). Then we went to the Black Forest Nursery and bought 16 flats of pansies (for Va) and a geranium (for Beth). When we got home I planted those.

Then I took Jonathan down to Union Road. He needed a flat place a quarter mile long for his phys-ed assignment. He walked, jogged, and ran that distance, taking his pulse before and after each stint (stretching for three minutes between each). I didn’t run with him, but I did drive to the other end so he could get in the car to do his stretches away from the black flies.

Then we came home again. After that exhausting exercise, I sat around for a bit. Then I tackled the outside lights. We had bought new fixtures to replace the old ones (which were not that old, but which had an enormously high failure rate). I took the old one down and looked at it. I decided that really the only thing wrong with it was probably the cadmium sulfide cell (photo detector). The fixtures we bought to replace them didn’t have a built-in photo detector, so I had bought one separate). I decided that I was just going to skip the new fixtures and put in the new photo detector instead. Va suggested that she really preferred the look of the old fixtures better anyhow, so that’s what I did. We’ll see how it works out shortly (hasta get dark before the light comes on, unless I stand there and hold my finger over the cell for a few minutes, and I lack the patience to do that when there are black flies about).

Well crud. It’s dark out now, but the light’s still off. I guess I’ll hafta tear into that again tomorrow.