Lots to write about today, but it’s 1:25am as I start, so I don’t know how much I can cover. I’ll give it a shot though.

I left work early today so I could meet with Beth and the Pastor. Beth has asked to be baptized, so we’re trying to get her ready for that. For us, baptism means that a person is publicly declaring that they are a follower of Jesus. The act itself symbolizes death (to self and sin), burial, and resurrection. Anyhow, that meeting went well. I’m not sure when she’ll be baptized, but it could be as early as June.

During the meeting, Va watched the school kids until their parents came to pick them up. Camille (the teacher) had a doctor’s appointment (she’s due to have a baby this month). Then Va took one of the students to her grandmother’s house. (She does that every day).

After our meeting, I hung a backdrop in one of the Sabbath school rooms. I also loaded all the tools I had left at the church for cardboard boat building purposes into my car. Lots of tools, but mostly clamps. Also the plywood forms on which I had built my wooden canoe ten years ago (doesn’t seem like that long!) Then I drove home with Beth. She spent most of the drive singing the Twelve Days of Christmas and quizzing me on what my true love gave me on day 11. I don’t know!

I got home and quickly cruised the yard looking for new blooms so I could log them for April. Didn’t find any new ones though. Then Va, Beth, and I hopped in the car again and went back to the school. It was Parent’s Night. Each kid recited a poem (Beth’s was longest – maybe). They also did a skit and read some of their work. Then we had cookies and milk and went home. IT was a lovely evening.

When we got home I put Beth to bed, then unloaded the trunk of my car. Then I started loading it again to get ready for the Camporee tomorrow. I did a gob of work on my laptop organizing people. I was figuring out who would ride in what car, who would man the breakfast crew, lunch crew, and supper crew, etc. I also assigned what I call “issuance numbers” to everyone who will be coming along.

All our camp dishes are numbered (each full set gets its own number). A persons issuance number determines which set he (or she) gets for the whole weekend. That way if we find plate #14 on the table and still dirty, we know whose chops to bust. This year we also numbered the camp chairs so that if someone leaves their chair out in the rain, THEY get the wet seat the next day.

As I was working all this stuff out, David was struggling with his laundry. It wasn’t getting dry. At all. Great. The drum was tumbling, but there was no heat. I checked the breaker thinking that maybe one of the 110V feeds could have gone out (motor might still run, but heat would be halved?). No go. So I called Dad for advice, which he gave me.

I tore into the dryer and found that the thermal cut-off is most likely the culprit. OK – it’s almost certainly the culprit. All this changes my plans for tomorrow. I WAS going to clean out the PF trailer and buy all our groceries for the camping trip right after I dropped Beth off. But now I will be making a run to Sears to get a thermal cut-off. Then I’ll install it, and THEN I’ll buy groceries. The trailer will just have to stay dirty.

One of the items that needs to dry is David’s Pathfinder uniform. Maybe Jonathan’s too, but if so, that’s in the washer waiting for David’s clothes to dry.

After that the plan is to have the kids load their stuff into the trailer at 2:00pm, and depart at 3:00. I have one kid who can’t leave until 4:00, so I have arranged for our chronically late staff member to drive the late train. That way we stand a much better chance of getting out on time.

I still need to put my roof rack onto my car so we can transport the cardboard canoe to Maine. And it’s supposed to rain. I thought I was pretty confident in our boat until I found myself worrying about rain wrecking it! Oh noes! If it’s going to get destroyed by water, it had BETTER be in the lake during the competition. Therefore, I will not chance the rain. That boat is getting wrapped in a tarp and taped up!

OK – it’s 1:46 am now. I need to get to bed. Watch this space Sunday for the results of the cardboard competition.