Tonight we finished working on the HMS Sinkytowne. Here’s a pic showing the boat’s name, but before it was finished being painted:

HMS Sinkytowne gets christened

HMS Sinkytowne gets christened

We did finish building the boat tonight. I intend to strap it to the top of my car and transport it to probably the coldest lake in North America next weekend for our Spring Camporee.

But man… I am one tired dude tonight. I got a call from my neighbor Don this morning. The dirt has been delivered. So I went over and we shoveled loam and compost into the raised beds. I had to leave before we finished. We did get two of the beds filled though, and we made a good dent in a third.

I came home at 11:30 and grabbed some lunch. Then the kids, the dog, and I piled into the car and we drove to Ken’s farm. Ken had hired the Pathfinders to stack brush (we do this almost every year). We brought the dog just to keep her out of Va’s hair. Also, Penny loves going to the farm. And best of all (from her viewpoint), we were doing things with STICKS! Her favorite thing!

We worked there until 4:30, then went over to the church to finish the boat. We also had some pizza. And then we came home. And I am still very tired.

Oh – happy birthday Dad! I hope it was a good one, and I hope you enjoyed your fishing trip!