Today’s promise to be busy was kept. Va and Jonathan got up at the crack of dawn. Va made breakfast, and then they headed to Vernon, VT for the Master Guide Seminars. I got up before they left and worked on the Tom Tom. I know now to check it whenever I program it, and it’s a good thing I did. It would have sent them way off course. Instead, Va printed off the Google Maps instructions.

Beth was up by the time they left. We had some breakfast, and then I woke up David. I took a shower, and then the three of us headed off to church.

I taught Va’s class and Cheryl taught mine. That went pretty smoothly. As soon as that was over and I had put away all the felts, we headed home (before the regular church service started). I cooked us some lunch, left David in charge of the dog, and Beth and I headed over to VT.

We got there a little early, and the other three seminars had run late. So Beth and I got to explore their church and grounds. They apparently bloom a bit earlier than we do here. Dunno why. The trialing arbutus there was starting to fade (brown spots on the petals), whereas they just opened here last week. Also, they had bluets in bloom, and I don’t expect to see those here for another week or so. I took several photos of their flora, and several of their fauna as well (in the form of insects and spiders). Some turned out pretty good. I’d post them, but I’m just a wee bit tired.

I gave my talk and they served us supper. Va grabbed a quick bite and then hustled off (she was worried about David). Jonathan and I ate at a more leisurely pace and visited with some of the other Pathfinders there for a bit. Then Beth wanted us to walk a trail they had just built the previous week. I can’t resist something like that, so off we went, up the side of a mountain. It didn’t look very steep, but my legs contradicted my eyes. It was a short (but tiring walk). We hopped in the car and I drove us back into New Hampshire. As soon as I got a chance, I stopped, and Jonathan and I traded seats (it’s not legal for him to drive outside NH yet). I was having a hard time staying awake, but Jonathan suffered no such problems. We got home at about 9:00-ish.

So. Now I’m tired and thinking I’ll go to bed early. Tomorrow we stack brush for Ken (he’s paying the Pathfinders to do that). Then we finish the cardboard canoe.