This morning after breakfast I went over to a friend’s house to help work on her house. A few other guys from church showed up, and we fixed her entry door. The problem is that the door frame had been fastened with ONE nail. So it was coming out. We removed the facing, door, and frame, put down some flashing, and put the frame back in. Plumbed it up, fastened it in, etc. We also fixed the stairs to her deck.

By then it was almost 2:00pm, and I had arranged to have an extra cardboard boat building session at 2:00. So I hustled over there. The plan was to remove the boat from the church basement and haul it out to the parking lot. They were having a baby shower at 2:30, and I guess most people agree that cardboard canoes do not make appropriate center pieces for such festivities. They are, of course, mistaken on that point ;-D

Va and Beth arrived for the shower, but the boys were still home. I had intended for them to come in to work on the boat, but had also neglected to mention that to anyone. So after we got started on the boat, I hopped in the car and fetched the boys.

I had also intended to have a Pathfinder staff meeting at 4:00, but I was unable to make it back to the church in time. So I called all the staff and asked that we have our meeting after the regular PF meeting. Which we did.

On the boat, we glued up some gunwales and attached them. We also painted. I assigned each kid the task of making their own paddle, so they were ALL kept busy doing that.

Just as the meeting was getting underway, a woman showed up with her kids, and they looked familiar – they had attended the Pinewood Derby back in February. The oldest kid wanted to join our club. He had attended the derby because his grandfather brought him. I know his grandfather pretty well – he shuttled us around Mississippi when we went down there to do hurricane relief work after Katrina).

Anyhow, I was not expecting another new member. I gave his mother the paperwork to fill out. I really would liked to have sat down with her and talked about te club a bit and explained what was coming up (I did do that), but I had to sub for a counselor who had a scheduled absence. Her class is the 10 year-olds, and you just can’t leave them unattended for very long and have them get anything done.

They were working the the Feltcraft honor, and I guess we covered about half the requirements. They’ll need to finish the other half some other time, but I’m not suer when that will be.

Then they did some drilling and marching while I sorted through the fruit and put customer names on it. During the meeting people came in and picked it up too, so that kept me distracted as well.

After drilling we worked on the boat some more. We painted the inside and attached the second gunwale. Then we set the bulkhead in place and strapped it in. Here’s what it looked like at then end of the evening:

Clamped gunwale

Clamped gunwale

That’s it for tonight kids! I’m turning in!