Today was long. First, we went to church. Then potluck. Then while Va conducted an Adventurer’s meeting, the Pathfinders made sack lunches for the homeless. David and I delivered them to the shelter (we made 88 lunches, which is almost double what we did last year).

After that, and after the Adventurer’s meeting, we went home for a little bit. A little after 5:00, Jonathan and I headed for Portland, ME to pick up our final citrus fruit delivery. We borrowed Cheryl’s SUV for that, as we only had 23 cases to pick up. That’s too many to fit in my car, but they fit nicely in the SUV. I have been borrowing Ken’s truck for that, but he’s leaving for a trip tomorrow, and the SUV gets slightly better gas mileage.

We arrived in Portland a little after 7:30 and helped them unload. By 8:00 we were outta there, but we did stop at an Arby’s for some dinner on the way home. We got to the church at 10:45, and Cheryl and Dirk met us there (with my car – we had swapped). They helped us unload, and then we came on home.

While we were in Portland we got some intel on the “competition” – the Portland Pathfinder Club is building their cardboard boat in the same building where the fruit was unloaded. I took a picture with my cell phone, but I’m just too tire to sit down and figure out how to get it off of there without paying $5.00 (or whatever).

Tomorrow promises to be just as busy. Anyhow… here it is.