After work today I went over to the neighbor’s house and we bodged together the first of seven raised beds for our gardening project. It’s always slow going when I start a project like this. I guess I spend most of the time figuring out what I’m going to do. I guess Don’s the same way. He’s another software engineer, so we think a lot alike.

Anyhow, he bought a big pile of 12″x8′ composite planks. I guess they’re a half inch thick. I’d be happier if they were thicker, but it is what it is. We staked them into the ground with 2×4’s to make the first 4’x16′ bed. Once these things are together, he will order a truckload of loam to fill them up. Then we’ll need some fertilizer. Still haven’t checked with the horse owner across the road about that.

I took Beth with me and she played with Ila (their daughter). They both seemed to have a good time.