Today after church we had an Adventurer’s meeting. The older Adventurers (about 9 years old) went to the school room to work on the First Aid Helper award. Some of the other men in the church had been recruited to play the role of the injured. They went to another room and got bandaged up. Here’s what they looked like when they went in for the kids:

Glenn, Dan, and Brian sporting simulated injuries

Glenn, Dan, and Brian sporting simulated injuries

They used food coloring for blood, and it soaked through the bandages to the skin in a couple of cases. Dan had a nice red spot over his right eye afterwards.

The kids seemed duly impressed, and our actors were really hamming it up. But I think the grown-ups had the most fun.

All this came on the heels of a real injury though. This morning when Va was making breakfast, she reached under the sink to get a new bottle of handsoap, and when she drew it out again, she caught it on the sharpe end of a hose clamp (connects the dishwasher drain to the sink drain). That put a nasty gash in the back of her hand – about an inch long, and maybe longer. She was bleeding profusely. She called for me, and I leapt out of bed to come to her aid. I patched her up, and then finished cooking breakfast (under her direction – I dunno how to make her biscuits).

We worried a bit about whether she should seek medical attention from a professional and decided it wasn’t urgent. If she needed a stitch or two it could wait until after the Adventurer’s meeting. While we were at church, our friend Deborah took a look at it (she’s an MD) and didn’t think professional care would be necessary. She said the danger there was that there are a lot of nerves in that area, so if Va could still feel her fingers, all was well (except for the nasty gash).