Today I made my final purchase of a Veggie Patty sub at Subway. I wrote a couple of days ago that they are discontinuing the only thing on their menu that I really like. Today when I ordered, the girl behind the counter told me this would probably be my last one, because there were only two patties left (after she took two to make my foot-long sub). So I just ordered up a second one. At the checkout, I asked to pay for the two subs separately. I used my “rewards” card (or whatever they call it) on the first one, which put me over the top (from 74 points to 79). 75 points gets you a free foot-long. So my second (and final) sub was free.

I ate half of one of them and put the three remaining halves in the fridge at work, next to the half sub I still have left from Tuesday. So I have four half subs. Good eatin’ for four more lunches. Unless I forget and they rot.