I was sore when I woke up this morning. I guess all that swimming yesterday is to blame. I didn’t feel much like walking very far at lunchtime today, so Dennis and I ate at Constantly’s Pizza, which is less than a block away. I had pizza.

It was raining when I left the office. Indeed, it was raining hard enough that it was kinda hard to see very far. I was glad to have a garage at home to pull into. When I get home, Penny about goes ballistic. David opens the door and she comes bounding out, as if my coming home is the best thing that could have happened to her. Then she runs out into the driveway and pees for me. Um… thanks Penny. At least she’s doing that outside now instead of in the house. But of course, running out to the driveway gets her feet all muddy, and then she brings that right back into the house and does a couple of laps around the stairs.

After dinner, I decided I wanted to go outside. I thought I heard a frog singing out there and I wanted to see if I could find it. It was still raining, and of course Penny had to come out with me. She always makes it more difficult to find any sort of wildlife, and I found no frogs. It may have been a spring peeper (Pseudacris crucifer). I have heard these things many times, but I have never seen one. They get really loud when they all chorus together, but as soon as you get close to them, they quiet down. I suppose their desire to not be eaten temporarily overrides their desire to breed,

I have read that the best way to try to find a singing frog is to get two people outside with flashlights separated by some distance. When a frog sings, they both point their lights in the direction from which the sound was emanating. Theoretically, there should be a frog somewhere in the vicinity of the light beam intersection. I haven’t tried that approach yet. It’s not usually easy to convince the boys that they should get off the Internet for a few minutes and help old Dad find a stupid frog.