Today we took the Pathfinder Club to a local indoor swimming pool. We had a very good turn-out too: 13 out of 15 kids showed up. I haven’t counted them up yet, but I think we have easily earned the most swimming honor patches ever. Six boys and two girls earned the first two levels.

I read long ago that swimming was one of the most beneficial exercises, and I guess that’s because it really takes a lot of energy. I’m feeling that tonight for sure. I am utterly exhausted.

After swimming, we went back to the church and worked on the cardboard canoe some more. We bought some unbaked (but unfrozen) pizza and heated that up too, because everyone was famished. Then we worked on the canoe.

We got the two ends taped up, and I started cutting out the bulkhead. That little job is a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. In the end, I sent it home with Ken. He’s going to take a shot at it with a bandsaw.

We also got one paddle glued up. I’m having a hard time inspiring the kids to work on the paddles. I guess it seem to unglamorous compared to the canoe (and to the helmets, swords, and shields). And yet, without a paddle, they’ll be up the creek (so to speak).

The canoe is really looking good though.