Last night I started thinking it might be a good idea if I were to try to fix my roof rack. I nearly wrecked them a while back by using a standard hex wrench on it (there’s an adjustment I have to make when I flip it between my car and Va’s car). Unfortunately, it requires a metric hex wrench instead.

A couple of months ago I happened to spot a set of metric hex keys at Lowes, so I picked them up and tossed them in the trunk. So last night I went digging for them in there. But there was just way too much junk in the trunk to find anything, so I started a big clean-out project. I threw away the two fans I had ripped out of the school’s server (I replaced them with oh-so-quite ones instead). I threw away blocks of wood, empty plastic bags, rocks (yes, rocks), a ring I had cut from a milk jug, and countless other things. I also returned the spare, jack, and tire tool to their rightful place under the trunk’s floor. I had almost forgotten what I had been looking for when I found the hex keys. Cool.

Then I dragged the roof rack into the house and was able to make the adjustment. I fitted the rack onto the car, and in the morning after I dropped Beth off at school, I grabbed my canoe from the church basement and loaded on top of the car so I could bring it on home.

With canoe on the brain, and thinking of how I really needed to fix it (the fiberglass on the bottom is cracked, and in one place has a hole in it all the way down to the wood), I decided I ought to buy a sheet of fiberglass cloth. So I order 5 yards of that. I’ll work on the canoe when that comes in. I really need to do something before I take the boat out again anyhow.

When I got home from work, I parked outside the garage. I was thinking I’d go down to the basement and clear out a place to set the canoe so I’ll be able to work on it indoors when the time comes. Va wasn’t home yet. When I got out of the car, I noticed that a whole winter’s worth of sand and dirt was sitting there in the garage. With no cars in there, it was the perfect opportunity to clear that out too. So I got a flat shovel and started scraping out the sand.

Sand gets in there because they sand the roads here all winter long. The sand gets stuck in the tire treads and deposited on our garage floor. I guess I shoveled five gallons of sand outta there tonight. Then I swept it. Penny helpfully brought me sticks to throw.

I have still not made room in the basement for the canoe, nor have I taken it off the car. Maybe I should think about doing that before I go to bed.