Today after work I headed straight to Kensington to pick up the paint. It took me an hour to get there, and then the nice people tried to give me a few other things as well. I did accept a box filled with various types of glue, from Modge Podge to Elmers. No wood glue though, which is something we really could have used on the canoe. However, we do use these other type of glue for other crafts, so I gladly accepted the box.

I showed them photos of the canoe. I had taken several this morning after I dropped Beth off at school. I figured I ought to move the canoes out of the middle of the room, take up the tarps and vacuum up the bits of cardboard detritus that we had left lying about. That took about 20 minutes all told.

The trip home took another hour and a half. I stopped and got some gas and a quick bite to eat. I finally made it home at around 7:00.