The weather plugin I installed on Firefox is showing the icicle-encrusted thermometer icon. It’s 19°F outside right now. I think the icicles in the thermometer must be somewhat relative. I don’t recall seeing them there in January or February when 19°F was considered balmy. But 19°F is downright cold for late March!

We bought a pair of outdoor lights for the house yesterday, and I was going to install them today. But not when it’s that cold. The lights we have out there right now (Hampton Bay from Home Depot) quit working properly almost immediately. They are supposed to turn themselves on as soon as it gets dark outside, but they sure don’t. They are instead utter trash. We’ve been manually turning them on and off for about four years now. Except that a bulb burned out in one of them last week. I went to change it yesterday, and the new bulb didn’t work either. The old one worked just fine in a lamp inside the house. Thus… we bought new ones. Not Hampton Bay either. Hopefully these will serve us a little better. Maybe next year we’ll replace a couple more (we have five outdoor fixtures).