Tonight we worked some more on the cardboard canoe. I must say, it is really coming along quite nicely now. I went to Lowes today to get some more liquid nails, but decided instead to use some wood glue. It came in gallon jugs, and it said it was weatherproof. It also said to not submerge it, but hey… ya gotta live a little!

Actually, it doesn’t concern me too much because we are going to paint this thing quite heavily. None of the glue at all should be exposed to any water. Hopefully the only wetness it will encounter is the wetness of the paint that seals it.

Several kids showed up tonight, and we made some really good progress on the boat. Also, I finally remembered to bring my camera:

David adding coardboard to the HMS Sinkytowne

David adding coardboard to the HMS Sinkytowne

The wood glue seems to be working quite a bit better than the Liquid Nails did. All the kids there were kept pretty busy the entire time. A few broke off every now and then to have sword fights with strips of cardboard, but those were quickly put to a rest. I had one group of kids cutting out card board from which we will laminate up the center seat. This laminate will be sandwiched between two of the forms I used when I built the canoe underneath all that cardboard. We’ll glue them all together and then clamp them up. Once that glue dries, we’ll saw out around the forms. The resulting chunk-o-cardboard should exactly fit into the bottom of our canoe. We’ll glue that in, and hopefully, it will keep the hull from collapsing inward. We’ll also glue up a couple of thwarts to keep the hull from bowing out too much.

I set another group of kids to make shields. These are going to be circles – four on each side. The idea here is to mimic a Viking ship. We’re also going to glue up something like a dragon’s head for the prow of our ship, except instead of a dragon, we’re going to try to fashion a moose. One of our Pathfinders is particularly a talented artist, so I’m going to set him to work on that.

I can hardly wait until this thing is done. Next time we meet, we’re going to glue drywall tape to the outer hull. My thought was that we would just tape the joints, but Warran has suggested that we just wrap the whole thing. Maybe we’ll do both. I have 500 feet of 2″ tape. That’s 80 square feet. The boat probably has 64 square feet of surface area on the outside, so maybe I’ll pick up a second roll.