Today I went to Subway for lunch with Dennis. We do this frequently. Frequently enough that the staff there pretty much know what I want. I always get a foot-long veggie patty sub, eat half of it, and stuff the other half in the fridge at work for the next day.

The people at Subway have on occasion put the cheese on the bread, and then put the patties on the cheese, but any more when I see them doing that, I ask them to put the cheese on the patty instead. On the surface, that seems like a really pathetic request. But let me explain!

When I get my sub out of the fridge, I lay it open, exposing the patty and the top bun. Then I slip it in the toaster oven and reheat it. The toppings (tomato, spinach, cucumber, and olive) are sandwiched between the bottom bun and the patty, so they don’t catch much heat. But if they put the cheese down on the bread, it makes for a very effective adhesive between the bread and the patty, and then it’s almost impossible to open it like that. Which means the toppings catch the heat in the toaster oven.

So… is that anal? Maybe.

Today after I finished my half sub, I wrapped the other half up and took it to the fridge, where I found the half I put in there Friday. I guess… I guess I forgot?