We had another Pathfinder meeting tonight, and had our second session of cardboard canoe construction. I think it went pretty OK. I left my camera at home again, but I did take a few photos with my cell phone. Not that it does me any good, because I have no idea how to get pictures off my phone without spending a fortune.

We did decided we are going to need more time to work on this project though. Warran suggested, and I agreed that we could have some informal boat-building sessions on the next two Sundays. I’m still feeling bullish about this whole enterprise.

Joyce asked me tonight if I planned on having us test the boat before the competition, and I told her “No.” My reasons for this are at least three-fold. First, if the boat fails, we will not have time to build another. Second, if it fails, it needs to do that in front of everyone. I guess. Third, there’s always the chance that it would have a successful first voyage, but not be able to embark on a second. I don’t want to waste the BEST (and perhaps only) voyage on a practice run.

Or maybe I’m being foolish. We’ll see!