Today after church we came straight home. There were no Pathfinder or Adventurer activities or anything like that. So we just came one home. We had a bite of lunch, and then some popcorn. It was a gorgeous day outside to boot, so I… I took a nap.

I haven’t had a good nap in a while, so this was most definitely a treat for me. Maybe I should have gone for a hike or something, but the nap was calling, and I answered.

I woke up after about tow hours and supper was nearly ready. Va had made a homemade pizza, which is my favorite kind.

Va went to a Women’s Ministries meeting tonight. I don’t think she’s ever been to one before. Tonight’s was sort of an organizational meeting, and they were having a masseuse there. She was unable to resist. I hope she has a great time. She needs to relax a bit more than she does.

After she left for that, Beth and I took Penny outside. I threw sticks for Penny, and Beth got her sled out of the garage. I also grabbed the shovel and sculpted the rough spots out of her path so she could sled down into the woods. She had a great time, and I actually did too.