Tonight I finished editing the answers for the Māori Lore honor over on Wikibooks. That one took some doing. Go have a look if that sort of thing interests you.

This morning when I got up, I headed straight for the woods to check the sap bucket. I guess I got a half cup of sap overnight. I checked it again when I got home from work and found just what I was expecting: a half cup of sap frozen to the bottom of the bucket. Yup. I watched the thermometer all day from d’web, and it never got above freezing in Northfield. So no sap ran.

That’s good in a way, because it means I didn’t waste much time by tapping the tree too late. I’m confident I will get at least 7 gallons of sap, and that should make about a quart (if it’s made a bit on the thin side using the 30:1 ratio vs the 40:1 – both are cited).

David got sick yesterday, but he appears to be all better today. Beth and I are now the only ones to have not succumbed. I hope we can both escape unscathed. I doesn’t likes to barf!