Tonight Beth washed her hair all by herself. This is a good thing, because it means she should be giving herself a bath all by herself soon. Up until tonight, she has relied on me all her life to wash her hair. I am only happy to cede this responsibility to her.

She still wanted me to come up and wrap her in a towel when she finished, but I think it won’t be long before she’s ready to take that on by herself too. I think the biggest obstacle for her is going to be getting into her PJ’s with towel-dried skin. I always choose button-up jammies for her instead of pull-over types because that helps a lot in that regard.

Why does water make the floor slippery but make skin sticky? It’s not fair!

When I got home tonight, the first thing I did was check the sap bucket. Once again, it didn’t get above freezing, or if it did, it didn;t get more than one degree above. I was not expecting any more sap to be in the bucket, and I got exactly what I expected.

David and Daniel (a neighbor kid) were hanging out in the woods with Penny. It was time for David to come in then, so Daniel went home, and amazingly, Penny stayed with us instead of trying to follow him. When we got in, David told me that Daniel had messed around with my sap bucket and managed to knock it off the tree. Luckily no sap was spilled (it was all still frozen), but David didn’t think Daniel got the tap back in the tree correctly. I hadn’t noticed when I checked the bucket, but thought I prolly oughta check it again. Sure enough, he had hung the bucket from the cable tie I had used to hold the tap in the hole, and the tap was not all the way in the hole either. I reconfigured it and then came in the house. I was very happy David told me about that. No telling how long I would have gone along getting suboptimal tappage before I figured out what had happened.