This morning before the crack of dawn, Va woke up with an upset stomach. Very upset. So upset that she performed that act which has many euphemisms. Needless to say, she did not feel very good either.

I had to get up early because I still had the spare tire on my car, and it’s only rated for 50MPH. That meant I’d hafta take the backroads instead of the Interstate to school. I guess I had it timed just about right, because I got Beth and our riders to school at about the regular time. Then I took my car to Weed Automotive in Concord, a couple of blocks from my office. They agreed to take the car even though I did not have an appointment. Then I hoofed it to work.

Around 1:00 or 2:00 I called Va to see how she was doing. Then we figured out that today was piano lesson day, and we didn’t send Beth to school with her piano books. Oh well. She had her lesson anyhow. That was also when I figured out that Va felt too sick to drive, so it was going to be up to me to pick her up from school. Except that my car was still in the shop. I called a friend whose kids have paino lessons right after Beth to see if she’d watch Beth for a little bit until I could get my car back, but she wasn’t home. I left a message. Then I talked to my friend Dennis.

A couple of weeks ago Dennis agreed to haul all the big pieces of cardboard I had scavenged from work for the cardboard boat to the church in his truck. He reminded me of that, and since I like slaying a plurality of birds with a singular stone, decided it was a GREAT idea. So a little before 3:00 we hauled the cardboard down to his truck and fetched Beth. I was going to show him the canoe, but the piano teacher was in that room giving a piano lesson, and it seemed rude to interrupt. So we quietly stashed the cardboard, collected Beth, and headed back to the office.

I worked until about 5:00, and then Beth and I headed to the shop. When I had talked to them earlier they told me that the sidewall of my flat tire had a massive gash in it, and if you know anything about tires, you will recognize that that means it cannot be repaired. Not even with duct tape. Or especially not even with duct tape! The tread was pretty much spent on all four tires, which is prolly why I detoured off the road yesterday in the first place (it couldn’t have been because I was driving too fast!) so I went ahead and had them replace the entire set.

Just as Beth and I were walking up to the shop, the garage door opened and out came my car. The mechanic was taking it for a test drive. We watched to see where he would park it because sometimes it’s hard to find. Then we went in, paid, and came on home.

In retrospect, I shoulda put off the car repair for another day. I coulda driven Va’s car instead, and that would have made life a lot easier (assuming she feels better tomorrow).

But now I have my car back and all is well (except Va still doesn’t feel so hot).