Yesterday the temperature was in the mid 50’s. We had a lot of meltage. Here in New Hampshire, we don’t really have “spring” – we have mud season instead. The road in front of our property is just almost impassable right now. It has ruts in it every four inches or so, and some of them are over 8 inches deep. It’s a real pain.

Methinks that paving the road in front of my house ought to be a “shovel ready” project, but I seriously doubt that it’ll get funded by Uncle Sam.

So with weather like that yesterday, I was tempted to think that winter was over. But I knew better than that. I guess everyone here does. And true to form, we got some snow today. There was an inch on the ground when we woke up, and it snowed until late afternoon. I guess we got five inches. I kept wondering how the town was going to plow our road when it was rutted like that. They seem to have made a pass at it, but it didn’t really make matters any better, IMO.

I left work today with the thought that I would tap a couple of maples for sap when I got home. I really do love daylight savings. It’s very nice to have some more daylight after work. But that plan got derailed.

I guess I was still about a mile from the house when I took a turn a little too fast. I was under the speed limit, but that was still too fast for the conditions. Yup. Ran the car into a snow bank, and it was NOT going to let me just back out. I called Va, because I figured that if she brought her car, I could hitch to it and pull my car out. Unfortunately, I did not make it clear that I was on Sandogardy Road south of our house rather than north.

A few minutes after I called, a couple in an SUV came by. They turned around and offered to pull me out. I called Va and cancelled her tow. Anyhow, these nice people pulled me out, and then pointed out that my right front tire was quite flat. Bummer.

I thanked them profusely, got out the jack, and changed the tire. Then I limped on home. I guess I’ll hafta take it in and have the tire fixed tomorrow.

There was still light out when I finally did get home, but I still needed to clear the driveway and supper was nearly ready. So maybe I’ll tap those trees tomorrow.

Clearing the driveway didn’t go so well either. With all the mud, the shoes on the snowblower sank right into the mud, and the scoop was gulping in gravel. And of course it only takes one piece of gravel to get lodged between the auger and the scoop to lock it up tight and break the shear pin. And indeed, that’s exactly what happened. First it sheared the left side. Five minutes later, it sheared the right. By the time it sheared the right side, I was pretty much done anyhow. I didn’t feel much like replacing the shear pin anyhow. I guess I’ll do that next time I clear the drive, or sometime this summer – which ever comes first. I’m pretty sure that it will not be warm when I tackle that little job though.