This morning I checked my email and found that the small kiln I had asked about was still available. So after breakfast I drove to Newington. Yesterday I wrote that it would be a two hour drive. It was only 90 minutes. Va and Beth were gone when I got home because one of Beth’s friends was having a birthday party. I lugged the kiln down to the basement. I will need to replace the power cord before I can do anything with it though (other than lug it to the basement).

Not long after that, it was time to go to Pathfinders. I loaded my canoe on top of my car, and crammed every C-clamp and furniture clamp I could find into the trunk. Plus some cardboard. Then we set out.

I split the kids into two groups. One group went outside and began painting the cardboard, front and back. The other group went inside. First we wrapped my canoe in plastic. Then we wrapped it in vinyl tape, sticky side out. Once that was done, we had the kids come in and had our AY time while we let the paint dry. After 90 minutes, we got right back on the cardboard canoe project. We pressed some fairly large pieces of cardboard into the tape, and then wrapped rope around it make it hold the shape of the boat. We glued more pieces on until they extended past the ends, and then glued those pieces together and clamped them up.

Next week we make strips of cardboard, slather one side with glue (we’re using liquid nails), and slip the strips under the ropes. I think we can just keep doing that until we have 4-6 layers of cardboard. My thoughts are that once that’s done, we’ll cover all the joints with drywall tape and even more liquid nails. Then we’ll peel it off my canoe, and paint it inside and out. Then paint it some more. And… maybe add some more paint. We’ll also hafta add some gunwales, a thwart, and some seats. We’ll also want to caulk the top edges between the gunwales, or maybe the gunwales will cover the exposed edges – we’ll see. We’re making this up as we go along, but I’m feeling kinda bullish about the whole project. Maybe next week I’ll remember to take pictures.