Today at church a woman brought in a bunch of old books on arts & crafts to give away. I dug through the pile looking for things that might apply to various Pathfinder honors, and scored two volumes. One of them has four pages on enamelling. Another covers cross-stitch.

I’m not personally interested in cross-stitch, but there is a PF honor for that. We don’t just do honors I’m interested in, so I snagged the book. Also, I might hafta teach myself how to cross stitch in case no one else steps up to write the cross-stitch chapter in the Wikibook.

Enamelling is another animal all together. There is a Copper Enamelling honor, and I would very much like to earn that one. Problem is you kinda need a kiln. I found a kiln on yesterday, and emailed about it tonight. It’s over in Newington which is about a two-hour drive. But the price is right, and a kiln would be useful for other honors as well (ceramics and pottery come to mind).

The reason I want to learn to enamel is so I can make a pin featuring the artwork made for my Wikibook project. I would very much like to be able to hand out pins to everyone who has contributed material. I could have them made, but that costs a fortune. Plus it wouldn’t be as much fun. Now all I’ve got to do is hope I hear back from the kiln owner and try my hand at this.

After potluck, Va had an Adventurer’s meeting, and the Pathfinders met to make greeting cards for some gramma’s in our church. The woman who brought these books in to give away sat in on that session and indicated that she would like to get involved in the club. She’ll come to our meeting tomorrow evening, and I am very excited to possibly have her on board.

I met her boyfriend (fiancé?) a few months ago. He lives in Australia and was here visiting. He was once very involved in Pathfinders, and was glad to see so many Pathfinders in our church with lots and lots of honor patches on their sashes. I don’t know what involvement she has had with Pathfindering in the past, but I’m guessing there was some.