Today was kinda busy. After church was potluck and an Adventurer meeting. I stayed for potluck and then brought David home to release the hound. Then I changed clothes and went right back to the church. Va wanted me to take some pictures of the club meeting, so I did that. Then I grabbed Jonathan and we hopped in Ken’s truck to head over to Portland, ME to pick up our citrus order.

The guy from Keene called me earlier in the week and asked me if I would pick up his fruit too, and I said I would. He’ll come and get it tomorrow.

When we got there, no one from the Portland church was there. Then an older guy showed up to unlock the building where they store their fruit, but announced that he was not going to be able to stick around. For a minute it looked like the two of us we were going to be expected to unload 190 cases of citrus by ourselves. I think – we would not have.
He called and finally got some people to show up. A contingent from Portsmouth also showed up. They had piggy-backed their order onto Portland’s. If I had know that they were doing that, I would gladly have suggested that the truck stop in Portsmouth instead and saved them the drive. Portsmouth is about an hour closer than Portland, so it would have saved me two hours of driving as well.

I had been hoping we would be able to stop some place and grab some supper after we go thte fruit, but the temperature was plunging. It was 37 on the way up there, but dropped to 32 by the time we finished unloading. I didn’t want the fruit to freeze, so we jumped in the truck and headed back to Concord without delay. Them temperature hovered around 32 pretty much the whole way until we got away from the coast. Then it dropped another five degrees. I think the fruit made the journey just fine though.

Ken was waiting for us at the church, and we unloaded the truck in about 15 minutes. Then Jonathan and I went to Taco Bell and had a bite to eat. We were pretty hungry by then, as it was nearly 9:00pm. I may have eaten either too much or too fast, because now I have a stomach ache. Ugh.