Today I got the rules for the cardboard boat building contest. The Pathfinders will build one (or more), and we will put people in them and race them in May at the Spring Camporee. I am very excited to have the rules, as they really eliminate a lot of options I had been considering (i.e., we can’t wrap the boat in Tyvek or plastic).

I do plan for us to build a canoe, as I know how to do that (having built one in 1998). I still have the form for that canoe, and I fully intend to press it into service again. Only we will use cardboard instead of cedar. We are allowed to paint the cardboard, and I’m thinking we’ll do that as step one. We can also use latex caulk, paint, varnish, carpenters glue and/or liquid nails. We may not use wood or metal, so the stem, gunwales, thwart, and decks will hafta be made of cardboard too. I’m thinking three layers of cardboard ought to do the trick. I have not decided if we should paint the both side of every piece or not, because I don’t know how well glue will stick to painted cardboard.

I will be sure to take pictures as we progress. This should be fun.