Once a week, usually on Wednesdays, I go to Pizza Hut before I go home. I almost always order exactly the same thing: a large pan pizza with extra cheese (for Va, David, and Beth), and a medium thin crust (for Jonathan and me).

Except I don’t really care too much for a thin crust pizza. So two weeks ago I decided to alternate every other week – hand tossed one week (which I prefer), and thin crust the next (for Jonathan). The first time I did this, there were no problems, though I expected there would be. The people at Pizza Hut know me by now, and they know exactly what I order each time.

But this week it was time to shake things up again, and I guess I sparked a heated argument. When I came in, I heard the PH employees arguing about whether they should make a hand-tossed or a thin crust.

Employee One: “He ALWAYS orders a thin crust! You must have gotten the order wrong!”

Employee Two: “No, he asked for a hand-tossed!”

Employee One: “Call him up and confirm!”

Employee Two: “Have you already made the pizza?”

Employee One: “It’s in the oven.”

Employee Two: “Then I’m not calling.”

Me (standing at the counter): “You don’t need to call me! And yes, I really did order a hand-tossed this time.”

Fisticuffs were averted, at least this time.