Today I got rid of the last of the January citrus order. A co-worker asked for a half case of grapefruit, but paid me for a full case. When she wouldn’t take the money back, I decided to give her another half case. All I had left after that was a half case of oranges and a half case of grapefruit. I combined them and then split them, giving them to two needy families in our church.

Also, I placed our February/March order today. I did not order any extra at all this time, so I hope I got it right. It’s just too hard (and expensive) to get rid of the surplus.

Today I figured out a way to make yesterday’s “clever” code less stupid. It now uses constructs that should be familiar to any C programmer who has been programming for at least six months. Also, it’s even more concise than before. Plus it compiles and does what it’s supposed to do, so… bonus!

I went for a walk today at lunch. I haven’t gone south on Main Street in a while, but there really hasn’t been much reason to since early November. That particular walk features several plants, but they’re all under a foot of snow still. As I was getting back to the office, I remembered that I wanted to buy a NH State flag for the Pathfinder club, so I kept going and went to Flag Works. I told the lady what I wanted, and she got one out post haste. Then I reached for my wallet and found it to be… not with me. I had taken it out in my office earlier, and it was on my desk. So I hustled back and got it. Then returned an completed the purchase: $32 and some change. Not bad!

After supper tonight I spent a fair amount of time importing material from Wikipedia into my Wikibook. I’ve been fleshing out the Aboriginal Lore honor, and Wikipedia has a treasure trove of info on that topic. I guess I brought over ten articles. I could count them and post an accurate figure, but how fun would that be? None fun.

Anyhow, the honor now has 6 out of 11 requirements completely answered, so that’s… 54.545454% complete. Eleven is easy to divide by (for whole numbers less than 11 anyhow) – just multiply by nine and repeat. So for 6/11, I start with 6*9 = 54. Then repeat the 54 ad infinitum and toss in a decimal point somewhere. Not that you care!