Man. Pretty much nothing worth noting happened today. I did take that desk and chair to work and give it to Dave. One of the riders I take to Beth’s school wasn’t even close to ready when I got there. She usually comes out within 30 seconds of me arriving, but today she did not. So I called. Her dad, obviously still asleep, answered the phone, and I could hear the sudden panic spreading throughout the house. Today was President’s Day, and they thought there was no school today (never mind that they were told several times that there would be). So he said he’d take her in himself. OK!

I wrote some code today that raised one of my personal red flags. Whenever I write something and think to myself, “That is sooo clever!” that’s a red flag. Sometimes what seems clever on Monday seems incredibly stupid on Tuesday. So whenever I find myself thinking that, I always bounce the idea off someone else just to be sure.

I’m still not convinced it’s a good idea, but Dennis thought it was. The idea made a messy piece of code nice and compact, but it did so by using an obscure feature of the C programming language (the comma operator). This is supposed to be an example that shows customers how to use our library. On the one hand, it’s nice, neat, and concise now. On the other hand, 95% of the C programmers in the world don’t know what the comma operator is, so it’s likely to be a point of confusion. The quandary remains.