This morning we slept until a bit after 8:00am. I know because someone called then, but I don’t know who it was (no message). Va slept right through it, and I was once again ecstatic that we decided to turn the ringer off for the phone in our room. Otherwise she’d have let out a yelp and leapt out of bed. Then she would have told me to answer it! How do I know this? Well… we haven’t always turned off the ringer in our bedroom.

After breakfast we did a little housecleaning. Not too much, but some. I gathered up all the scrap fabric that was left over from my costume making frenzy and hauled it up to the attic. We also cleaned out a child’s desk we’ve had in the dining room for a couple of years. One of my co-workers was in the market for one (and a chair), and I offered that pair for free. I’ll take those in tomorrow.

Around 11:30 I went to Tilton to procure some spray paint for the Pinewood Derby cars. I went to the old hardware store on Main Street, but he didn’t have any red. I bought two cans there, and then went to Lowes where I bought some red, plus two other cans (gold and silver). Then I came on home.

Va, Beth and I went to Chilis for lunch. We left the boys at home to do school work. Then I made a couple of ethernet cables for the school network. I was thinking I needed to make three, but I could only think of where I needed two, so that’s all I made.

Then the boys and I headed to Concord for a Pathfinder meeting, which went pretty well. Next Sabbath is Pathfinder Sabbath, and we will be in charge of the entire church service. I assigned roles. Instead of a sermon, each until will present a skit. David is not optimistic about how it will go, but I kinda am. I think the kids will do fine.

When we got to the church I grabbed the two Ethernet cables and headed to the network closet. Then I remembered why I needed the third one. Oh well. I’ll make that another day.

Warran arrived while I was in the network closet, and he brought with him something like 20 cans of spray paint. So I left the ones I bought in the car. I’ll see about returning those this week.

His paint selection was actually better than mine anyhow. He also brought silver and gold, as well as several other metallic finishes. The kids were all pretty stoked about how their cars ended up looking too.

Penny just barfed up a big pile on the carpet. Looks like she’d been eating paper again. I have no idea why she does that either. We feed her, so it’s not a hunger thing. Maybe she just wants attention. Anyhow, the pile cleaned up without too much resistance.

And with that! I’ll post!