Well, there’s been no excitement here for a couple of days now, and sometimes that’s good. I didn’t post anything yesterday, because… there was nothing to write? But I can’t get away with that two days in a row, so here we go.

Between my house and Sandogardy Pond is a small wooded area populated almost exclusively with pines. I’d guess it covers about 30 acres, but I’m not terribly great at making such estimations. There are a few hazels as well, and plenty of moss and ferns. But really, I should be writing all that in the past tense. Over the past couple of weeks they’ve been in there harvesting the timber. It is just almost a field now.

I know that things like this are an economic necessity, but I guess I had grown an attachment to that little copse. It had a trail running through it, and that was the one we would take when we hiked down to the pond. The main advantage conferred by those conifers was that it prevented us from attracting the attention of a couple of dogs. Of course this was only a problem when we had Penny with us, but for the past two years or so, that means… every time we went. Dunno how much cover that will provide now. They did leave the trees along the side of the road, but maybe they just haven’t gotten to those yet. There are still plenty of pieces of heavy equipment on the site.

That particular copse was not particularly diverse from a vegetation standpoint. I almost never saw any wildflowers there, and believe me, I’ve looked plenty. Maybe opening up the canopy will change that, I dunno.

I do plan to hike down the Sandogardy tomorrow and check things out. We’ll see if we can still find the trail, or if the skidders completely obliterated it.