Tonight I left work a little early to meet Va at the church. Piano lessons were still in progress, so we chatted with Michelle for a while. As we were talking, I realized that I had scored a piece of ancient networking equipment from work (legitimately!) This is an 8-port 10baseT hub (not a switch). These things are so old you can’t even buy them anymore, but it is perfectly adequate for my needs. It will only move 10 megabits per second, but our Internet connection is only 1.6 megabits per second, so this will be able to keep up just fine. I’m going to use the 24-port 10/100 switch (which has three times as many ports and can move ten times as many bits per second) as a K12LTSP-only network. But I digress. I didn’t hook it up though, because I still need a couple of patch cables. Maybe I’ll stop by Circuit City and see if they have any left (going-out-of-business sale).

When the piano lesson ended, Va and I sprung into action and started sorting through the backdrops. We have a series of backdrops that will cover about 100 feet of walls. We had to sort through them so that we could hang them in the correct order. Then we started to hang them from the ceiling with some hooks.

While we were doing that, it started to snow. Heavily. We’re forecast to receive 2-4″ of snow tonight. It was making Va nervous, so we didn’t hang around too long. We got on the road and headed home before it got too bad outside.

I took Beth with me and drove directly to the Pizza Hut in Tilton, while Va went on home. I picked up our dinner, and then we came home and partook.

With the snow storm on my mind, I asked a question I had thought of this morning. “Has anyone seen the handle that fell of the snowblower? I laid it on top of the garbage can in the garage.” Jonathan’s eyes widened to saucer proportions. “That fell in the trash can.” Bummer. Today was trash day, so my master clutch handle is now gone forever.

I’m thinking I’ll hafta rig up a second clutch handle like I did with the drive clutch (maybe I’ll get another caulk gun as a parts donor). This one will be mounted on the right handle bar (the other one’s on the left). I think I’ll have to hold it in for the clutch the engage, meaning the Beast will gain a heretofore lacking safety feature: a deadman. The dream is that if I let go, the master clutch will disengage and the Beast will come to a halt all by its own self. It will be better than before.

Before the master clutch handle broke off and took a one-way trip to the dump, if I were to let go of the Beast while it was running, it would just charge straight ahead. It would have chewed through the garage door, then ground both cars to shards, and dug its way through the back wall, perhaps stopping when it ran into the Merrimack river about a mile to the west.

But that repair job is not going to happen before this snow falls. I’m going to have to jury rig something up so I can clear the driveway in the morning. But I’m pretty sure the cob-job will also feature a deadman. We’ll see.