Today was pretty busy. After breakfast, I went down to Lowes to buy some Pinewood Derby car making tools – primarily, coping saws and four-in-hands (a type of wood rasp). I have a coping saw, and I have four four-in-hands, but I also have 15 Pathfinders (21 if you include the staff), and they were all going to be wanting to use these tools at the same time. So I bought more. Three more coping saws, and a multi-pack of files. Many of the files will not be appropriate for wood work, but three of them certainly will be. And that was the cheapest way to get three usable files.

When I got home, I got out my chisel collection and my Japanese water stone (for sharpening chisels). This stone is hands-down the best thing I have ever seen for sharpening chisels. I haven’t done any serious sharpening in a couple of years, but I made up for that today. I also have a jig for setting the blade angle of whatever I’m sharpening (chisel or plane blade), and between the jog and the stone, I get a mirror finish on the edges of my tools. I sharpened four. I have four more that could use the same treatment. I also quickly made some tip protectors with some scrap leather. I didn’t have time to lace them up or anything – rather… I used masking tape. But it did the trick. Beats tossing the newly sharpened chisels into a plastic bucket with C-clamps and four-in-hands, etc.

Then we had errands to run. First we went to Applebees for some lunch. Then we dropped the boys off at the church so they could do some school work. Normally, we would have left them home to do that, but we would not be able to get back to the house in time to pick them up for a Pathfinder meeting.

Once we had the boys set up, Va, Beth, and I drove to Rochester, NH, where some friends from church live (Karen and Glenn). They are both doctors, and she had been the Adventurer director before Va took that over. She has a basement full of wonderful things, and that’s why we were there. She had a crate full of Bible costumes, several backdrops, crockery, wooden trays, and even a shofar. We chose nine tubs full of such things. Not all of them would fit in the car (especially not the backdrops), but Glenn needed to come to the church tonight to pick up his son from the Pathfinder meeting (he spent the night with another Pathfinder friend). We got back with the goodies just before the PF meeting was to start, and got the car unloaded.

Then it was meeting time. We spent half the meeting getting ready for Pathfinder Sabbath, which is the 21st of February. The Pathfinders will be in charge of the whole church service, from making announcements, to taking up the offering, telling the children’s story, special music, and the sermon. Only we’re not doing a sermon. Instead, we’re going to have each of our five units present a skit.

I worked with the Companion unit tonight and we developed a skit on healthy eating. They presented it to the club tonight, and it was pretty well received. Next week two more units will develop and present their skits.

For Marching and Drilling, we went into the sanctuary and practiced posting the flags. We had twelve kids there tonight, and four flags (well, three plus an empty staff – I need to get a NH flag). That went pretty well I thought.

Then we started in on the Pinewood Derby cars. I was thinking my own sons wouldn’t care much for that, but I make them do stuff they don’t want to do all the time (especially when it’s PF related). I’m still not sure how David feels about his car, but Jonathan said that he thought Pinewood Derby’s were pretty cool. Which of course, I was very glad to hear.

At 7:45 I announced that it was time to clean up. We put away all the tools and then started vacuuming saw dust and wood chips. We were all finished by 8:00, and we dismissed then.

Having not eaten since 2:00pm, the boys and I were hungry, so we shuffled over to Taco Bell and had some food. Warran and his son (both from Pathfinders) were there too. We enjoyed as fine a meal as Taco Bell can serve, and then we went home.

And now… I’m pretty tired!