Today after lunch, Beth and I played a game of Bible Outburst. We bought that years ago, and it has been in the attic, unused. Before we moved here, it was in the basement of our old house, also unused. I couldn’t remember exactly how to play it, and I didn’t see any rules. But we were able to figure it out. Unfortunately, Beth did not seem to enjoy it very much, so I don’t know how often we’ll play that.

A few weeks ago (seems like months) we put a bird feeder out on the deck. The boys told me that the birds had found it, but I hadn’t seen any yet. I did see that they had been kicking the birdseed out onto the snow, so there was no reason to doubt them at all. Then this morning I got to see them. Three chickadees were going at it, and the seeds were 80% depleted. So after our Bible Outburst game, Beth and I went outside and refilled it for them. I did take a picture of them through the window, but it’s not really post-worthy, as the shot was taken though a screen. I might pop the screen out later for a better shot next time.

Afterwards, I took a nice nap, and then we ate some dinner. Tonight was another Racquet Club night, so Beth and I put our swim suits on beneath our clothes and headed over there. The boys wanted to go too, but they have gotten behind in their school work again, so we made them stay home and put their noses to their respective grindstones.

Beth edged her way around the pool, as I hovered nearby. She went all the way around, even to the 8 foot end. I don’t think she could touch bottom even on the shallow end, so to her, it was all the same anyhow. We splashed about for 30 minutes and then she had had enough. We got dressed and shot a few baskets in the gym. Then she started running laps. I went upstairs to the lounge and watched her run for another 30 minutes or so. I certainly didn’t have the energy to do that, but I’m not seven years old any more. But I guess it worked – she’s sawing logs now.