My snowblower broke again. It did a fantastic job clearing the drive yesterday, but then it snowed another inch or so, and then the snow plows piled up a mound at the entrance to the driveway. Plus we didn’t get any mail today because I had not yet cleared the area in front of the mailbox. Funny how we still get a paper, but not the mail. I guess if you’re motivated by money, you find a way to deliver the goods, but if that’s not connected to your pay…

When I got home, I cranked it up again. First I cleared the entry to the driveway, and then I turned my attention to the mail/paper boxes. The snow there was heavy, having been churned by the plows a couple of times I guess, and the blower was having trouble. So I started taking small bites instead of large ones, but then… it just quit moving snow. Sometimes the master clutch has a habit of disengaging, and i have to reach around and re-engage it. But tonight, I couldn’t find the master clutch handle. It was dark, but I was sure that it had to have been in the engaged position, the disengaged position, or somewhere in between. But it was not. I cripped it back into the garage where I could see a little better, and sure enough… the clutch handle was gone. Its mount was broken off, in spite of it being made of eighth inch steel. I have not idea what could have stressed it so much to make it… off. But there you go. I went in and got my headlamp, and then moseyed back out to the mailbox. The handle was lying there in the snow, right where the beast quit performing well. So now I have a repair job ahead of me. The bracket that holds the clutch handle needs to be replaced with more steel I guess. I didn’t feel up to it tonight though, so I went and got the shovel and finished clearing a path for the mail carrier.

In other news… I got a hair cut today. I’ve been trying to get to the barber since the first of the year, but I’ve been so busy at work that I just haven’t been able to break away. It feels a lot better now.

I also got a text message from my Dad. No within 100 miles of them has electricity due to the ice storm they had yesterday. He bought a generator just before the storm hit, and he now has enough gas to run it for three days. I’m guessing he’ll be able to find more gas if the juice doesn’t come back before then.