I got up before dawn this morning. I sure didn’t want to, but I kinda had to anyhow. I got dressed and woke Beth. She got dressed and I made her some breakfast. I let Penny outside so she could transact her usual morning business. In short order, Beth and I were ready to roll, so I crated Penny, and we headed off to get Ken’s truck. It was seven below zero.

Ken had the truck waiting for us, so we climbed in and headed to Keene. I always get confused on how long it takes to drive to Keene. I guess it’s 90 minutes from my house, and 60 from Ken’s, but I have it in my head that it takes two hours from Ken’s place. So we got there at about 9:00am, while the citrus truck wasn’t due until 10:00. And it was still really cold outside, so I didn’t want to wait in the truck.

Instead, we went to a little diner across the highway from the school in Keene where we pick up our order. Beth had some chocolate milk (we were out at home), but didn’t want any breakfast (she had already eaten). But by then I was ready for some food, so I had the buffet, which was pretty good. After that I bought some gas for Ken’s truck. He had left his credit card on the seat and had given me instructions to fill the tank. And I did fill the tank, but only put half of that on his card. We’ll see if he says anything.

As I was filling the tank, I noticed the citrus truck pulling up to the road where the school is located. So we high-tailed it over there as soon as the tank was full.

Their fruit coordinator was there, but none of her crew had arrived yet. I helped her set up the rollers (like a conveyor belt, but with dozens of two-inch wheels instead of a belt). And just as we were ready to start, a couple of guys from her crew arrived. So we started unloading. We had both orders (our and theirs) unloaded in about twenty minutes.

Now I was a bit worried that my fruit was going to freeze, so we loaded as much of it into the cab of Ken’s truck as we could. Which was all but 12 boxes. I covered those with a tarp and hoped for the best. Then I hit the road.

When we got back to Concord, the church that rents our church building on Sundays was still there. They appeared to be having a business meeting. I pulled the truck around to the side of the building and began shuffling crates of citrus into my Sabbath School room (it has an outside door). So I don’t think I disturbed them at all. Then Beth and I got back in the truck and returned it to Ken. Beth was so well behaved, both yesterday and today, that I decided we could get her a new coloring book. We swung by Walmart and got her a couple. Before we went in though, I had Beth promise that we would try to go in, buy the coloring books, and get back to the car in only five minutes. We made it in six.

Then we hustled back home, arriving at 1:30, and released the hound. Man… I was sure tired then. We made up a sumptuous meal consisting of… EZ Mac. I spent the rest of the afternoon exercising the dog and sitting around (more sitting than exercising though).

Va and the boys got home at around 4:00, but Jonathan and I had to leave again at 4:30. We loaded the school’s new server into the car, plus the new fans I bought for it as well as a few tools. The plan was to get that up and running while people came in and picked up their fruit.

But the battery in my drill was dead. I think I need a new battery, because I had fully charged it on Thursday, and had not used it yet. Bummer. Also, we didn’t have any patch cables to hook the new server into the network. We did swap out the fans though, and we talked about the network topology. I really need a second switch to do this right. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a cheap/free one.

Not having much networking we could do, we instead put names on all the fruit to make it easier for people to get their orders.

At about 10 minutes to 8, the phone rang – one of our fruit customers wanted to know if we were still there. I assured him we were, and we’d wait for him to show up. While we were waiting, we loaded my fruit into the car, and then I decided to leave Jonathan there to mind the store while I went to Taco Bell to get us some dinner. While I was gone the last customer showed up. Yay!

We ate our dinner and then came on home. And I am about ready to collapse.