This morning I got a call from Va. It was skating day at Beth’s school – the last one I believe. Va wanted me to come out and get a few pictures. So at 11:26, I bugged out of the office and hustled to the skating rink. If I had thought of it sooner, I would have walked (it’s about a mile and a half from the office).

Instead, I drove. I got there just as the school kids were arriving. Beth loves to skate, but it took her a couple of laps to get her “ice-legs.” It would be more accurate to say that she more runs on the ice with skates on her feet than to say that she skates. But she was clearly enjoying it.

Beth on the Ice

Beth on the Ice

All this makes me think I should build an ice rink in the backyard like we did when I was a kid in North Dakota.

First we’d shovel out an area as big as we wanted the rink to be. We’d pile the snow we shovelled out around the edges of the rink to form a low wall. Then we’d douse the wall with water and let it freeze overnight. Next day we’d fill it with a couple inches of water, and then came the hard part – staying off until it was frozen solid. If we walked on it before it was thick enough, it would break the ice and then the jagged shards would freeze in place. We did not have a Zamboni, so those jags were there for the rest of the winter. My brother Steve nearly gouged his eye out on one once.

I don’t have a large flat place in my yard is the only problem. There’s not really anyplace on the whole two acres where a 30’x30′ area doesn’t fall off by at least 6 inches. But I might give it a go one of these days anyhow. If I can get a nice (enough) rink, I’d start looking for some used skates – both for me, and for Beth.